Hard Money Lenders Florida

Hard Money Lenders Florida


A hard money loan is simply a short-term loan, usually provided by private investors, that is asset-based and secured by real property of any kind (single- or multi-family residences, industrial or commercial properties, land, etc.). Due to the short loan term, the interest rate on a hard money loan is typically higher than that of a traditional loan.

Why get a hard money loan?

A common misconception is that asset based loans are solely for those with credit or income issues, but this is not always the case. If you are seeking your loan in order to buy land, purchase property at an auction, or do a fix-and-flip on an older run-down property, your project won’t qualify for a traditional loan in most cases. Therefore, a hard money loan from  Capital Funding Financial is a great option — not only can your project be funded much more quickly than a traditional loan. Hard money loans also give you the power to leverage your capital a lot more then you could by going the traditional lending route which are filled with restrictions

Who can i get a hard money loan in Florida from?

For many real estate investors, time is of the essence when it comes to getting the ball rolling on the projects they need funded. For those without the time to wait 30 – 45 days for a traditional bank to come around, we have a solution… Capital Funding Financial! Capital Funding Financial is the top hard money lender in Florida (hard money lenders Florida). Just click on the link and fill out the application to get started. It only takes a couple days to process and will allow you to close fast!


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Personal Injury Lawyer – an SOS in distress

It has been seen that it is common when someone is involved in an accident a personal injury lawyer is hired. It may be a car of a two wheeler q1involved in which the injury is personal and the losses monetary. In broader terms a personal injury lawyer is legal representative who presents legal depiction to those who have been hurt as a result of negligence or rash driving. The lawyers in these cases are very knowledgeable and have more know-how in the field of law. Though personal injury lawyers are trained and licensed in any field of law, they however confine themselves only to those laws that include accidental or work injuries.

Why to employ a personal injury lawyer?

In the simplest way anyone can file a personal injury claim with an insurance company by themselves. However a personal injury lawyer can help you go against the big auto company team of lawyers. An insurance company lawyer has the knowledge to lower the compensation and at times even deny the claim altogether but a personal injury lawyer will help in seeing that the right form of compensation is given to the victim including the medical bills.

Responsibilities of a personal injury lawyer:

The responsibilities of a personal injury lawyer are many and cover both q2professional and ethical rules .A personal injury lawyer is responsible for interviewing the client to identify the legal matter and to do an extensive research to build a strong case for his client. The ultimate responsibility is to get justice and compensation that the client deserves for the losses and injury suffered. At times the personal injury lawyer may need to take the case to trial if a settlement is not agreed upon. However the personal injury lawyer must stick to the rigid standards of legal ethics while presenting his or her case.

Certification and education:  A personal injury lawyer needs to pass a written bar examination. As far as education is concerned the personal injury lawyer must have passed the mandatory four year degree college. In most states the personal injury lawyer needs to take the Multistate Bar Examination.

Business Prospects

Just as other lawyers, personal injury lawyers can start a solo practice or even do it jointly. A solo personal injury lawyer can offer more benefits to his client by being more personal as far as the case is concerned. They can also take up small cases for a low fee.


The personal injury lawyers fees depend on a number of factors which may include time and energy spent on the case. The personal injury q3lawyer has the option of charging contingency fees, hourly fees or even flat fees. Normally when a personal injury lawyer takes up a case a set amount of percentage is paid to him and the balance after the closure of the case. The average contingency is thirty per cent of the total fees. An hourly fee involves an agreed amount of compensation for each hour the personal injury lawyer spends on the case and in a flat fee is a set amount paid to the personal injury lawyer before the case begins.



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